1. Don’t play an insurance bet.

Consider insurance as a new bet that players make with new money, depending on whether the dealer has the blackjack. Overall, the casino has around 6% house edge over a player that plays an insurance bet. Even if you have blackjack, the player will only win the original bet.

2. Implement basic blackjack strategy.

Playing blackjack is not really that easy. Sure, you already know the basic rules. But, it’s more than just understanding the rules and regulations. Apart from knowing the right way to stand, double down and split your hand, try different techniques once in a while. An effective blackjack strategy can cut the house advantage from 2% to 0.5%.

3. Don’t buy into gambler’s myths.

Playing at the best online casino in Thailand is one of the most exciting things ever. Don’t get overwhelmed, though. Don’t let the decisions of other people impact your hand. Furthermore, don’t let different gambling myths influence your own decisions. Keep your focus. You are playing against the dealer.

4. Start small.

Gauge the situation first before placing big bets. Whether the dealer is cold or hot, the house never stops. However, players like you need to take a break once in a while. Cold and hot streaks can have huge effects on the players.

5. Evaluate the up card of the dealer.

Before taking any type of action, evaluate the dealer’s up card. Is it good (7 to ace) and bad (2 to 6)? The actions of the dealer creates a difference on what the players must take.

6. Never go for the first base seat.

According to experts, players must avoid the first base chair. Sometimes, the dealer is rushing. Sitting further down can provide you more time to review the up card and your hand.