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Should You Buy Backlinks in 2019

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2019
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Are you contemplating on purchasing backlinks in coming 2019? Well, you are not alone. Several SEO professionals and seo experts are thinking of buying backlinks.

Here are the reasons on why people are purchasing backlinks:

Why do people purchase backlinks?

1. It can save time.

Both black hat and white hat link building techniques are enormous time killers. Do you want to focus on white hat linking? If you are thinking of acquiring backlinks this 2019 through outreach, you need remember the following:

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2019

  • Build quality SEO content assets that are worth promoting
  • Relevant link opportunity prospects
  • Qualify all the opportunities
  • Create a positive relationship with every opportunity
  • Link placement requests on all the qualified websites
  • Test all the different outreach strategies to boost your response rate

At the end of the day, when you purchase backlinks, you are not really “buying” them. You are buying an entire lengthy process.

2. It can provide quicker results.

Are you trying to do black or grey hat link acquisition all by yourself? If you are, then purchasing backlinks will definitely improve the speed of your results. That is because you aren’t spending long hours on doing mind-numbing tasks.

You will be able to do other SEO priorities like technical optimization, page-level optimization, UX, content creation and CRO.

Even more determined to buy backlinks now? Remember, buying backlinks on real websites is much safer than getting backlinks from fake pages. What is the right thing do, then?

  • Roll the dice. Do this if you want to risk losing more of your traffic overnight.
  • Use a proxy website. This is another way to decrease risk. Build a website outside of your business.
  • Invest capital in other areas. It’s true that SEO can be overwhelming and time consuming. If you want, you can just invest your capital in other significant areas.

It’s very easy to feel trapped inside the search engine optimization bubble. What you need to focus on is creating quality products and services. Even if you are good with your SEO strategy, but you have poor business offerings, no one would want to purchase your products and services.

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2019ROI Math

One of the largest elements of efficient marketing is contemplating on what kind of business acquires the biggest return on investment. Search engine optimization can produce amazing returns. However, you need to understand where to make investments. Remember to make strategic decisions, depending on what stage you are in the campaign cycle.