Lighting is perhaps one of the most complex elements of any type of room. When it comes to decorating living rooms and lighting ideas, there are some crucial considerations that must not be ignored. Remember to include three of the primary types of lighting: accent, task and ambient. Light sources must be placed at various levels throughout the living room.

Paint colors

Dealing with interior design colors is something many people struggle with. A lot of them make the mistake of selecting the paint color first. Believe it or not, painting is inexpensive and easy. Thus, select furniture pieces first, and then pick a color based on them.


Inside your living room are lots of other elements that require accurate measurements, from rugs to furniture arrangements and window treatments. See to it that you know all of their ideal measurements, as well as the size of the area you want to put furniture pieces. If you are having a hard time figuring out what works for that space size, feel free to consult a Malaysia interior design company.


Plenty of homeowners don’t know how to arrange the furniture pieces in their living room properly. Arranging furniture requires some planning. There are some crucial considerations like creating conversations paces, focal points and traffic flow.

Area Rugs

Rugs are just rugs but they can impact the overall ambience of your living room (or any type of room for that matter). Don’t just buy a rug simply because it looks nice. There is a right kind of rug for your room. The number one thing to consider here is its size. If it’s too small, it can make your room appear disjointed.