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How to Use Social Media Effectively If You Are An Author

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Are you having a writer’s block while trying to write something on social media? This is completely normal, especially if you are a newbie in this type of marketing! Many writers are having a hard time with social media marketing. If you are one of them, get some practical advice from these seven tips from us:

1.Write for the right people.

When you don’t know how to start, think of your audience first.  When you don’t have an audience yet, start interacting with people who share the same interest. These are the people you should follow and those who will truly create an engagement with you, not those you think will just follow you back and do nothing.

2.Don’t post the same thing on all platforms.

It’s a simple way to do it, right? But it seems like a lazy way to handle social media. Take note that there are different types of audience for every platform. Your approach on Facebook should not be the same on LinkedIn, for instance. Twitter also have a limited word count which means you need to craft the content and not just copy and paste it from Facebook.

3.Be knowledgeable about tone of voice in writing.

Even if it’s just a tweet, people can recognize if you’re really excited or happy about it. For more formal social networks such as LinkedIn, you have to sound formal or professional. For Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you have to be casual. These tones are not just important on the kind of platform you are using but on the kind of post you have. So study about the different types of voice you can apply on social media.

4.Ask yourself if the post will benefit others.

Before you tweet or post about something, ask yourself if it’s something that will be of value to anyone who might read it. Obviously, nobody cares about that delicious food you just ate recently unless you share the recipe of the dish.

5.Don’t share the obvious.

In writing, you don’t write the obvious. The same is true in posting on social media. For instance, when everybody knows who won the presidential election then it is pointless to share about it on social media. It’s better to share about something that only a few people know about.

6.Don’t simply talk.

Instead, start a conversation. You can start by sharing something that will cause them to react or respond. Basically, the topic should be something that concerns them. Otherwise, they will just ignore you. When you already have many followers, think of ways when you can create an engagement with them.

7.Use relevant hashtags.

What’s nice about hashtags is that they help you get some followers in a fast manner. But be strategic in using hashtags. Don’t put hashtags in every single post and don’t be generic when using them. Instead, use hashtags that will be relevant to your targeted audience.