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5 Free Resources to Help Build Your Website

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Are you thinking of improving your website? Whether it’s a personal blog, or a business digital space, you can surely find free resources that can make a huge positive difference. Let me help you make your website even better. Here is a list of the tools and platforms that some website developers utilize that can help you come up with an efficient website strategy.


We know very well that there is a mobile app for almost everything these days. Well, you might be surprised if I tell you, that there is also a widget for every website necessity. From calendars, forms and bookings to clocks, playlists and social media, you can definitely find a widget that adds more functionality to the website you are promoting.

The only thing you should do is grab the widget’s HTML code, and then paste it to the HTML or widget element in your website. Save it, and you’re done!


It’s true that awesome, beautiful fonts and images are the main ingredients of a well-designed website. Catchy images can break up long articles, making it easier and faster for the reader to find the information he needs. Not only that, it makes a long, boring written content interesting. Do you know that pages containing tons of photos get 94% more views compared to the ones without images?

There is also no need for a website owner to spend money for good images. A lot of platforms offer free amazing images that are perfect for commercial use.


There are icons everywhere we look, from traffic signs to social media icons. We depend on these icons to make our lives easier every single day. They also serve as amazing visuals for a website, if you are not open to utilizing plenty of images for some pages.

Are you determined to use icons to improve your website? Well, I have good news. You don’t need to make them from scratch. There are various websites where you can look for free well-designed icons.

4.Google Analytics

It might seem complicated, but never put Google Analytics at the end of your list. Data, numbers and analytics are everything. The insights you can get from these can put your brand and your website ahead of its game.

Google Analytics is a crucial asset to one’s website. You can see how readers are finding way towards your website, audience breakdown, in-depth statistics, and how well specific pages are performing. By regularly monitoring analytics, you can improve your website’s success over time.

5.SEO Tools

Make sure that your target readers see your website. You might think that improving an SEO strategy is all complicated and difficult, but don’t worry. All you need is an efficient SEO tool to improve your website’s search engine ranking. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every digital space. You need to know which keywords and improvements you need to promote to move your website at the top of search engine results pages. Many of these platforms and tools are available for free.