1.Adding Domains and Risking Privacy

It’s no longer unusual for website hosting companies to provide customers with the flexibility to add more than a single domain under one account. This feature is called “addon domains,” making it easier for people to monitor and manage a number of websites without paying for separate accounts. Though, take note that this can also result to an insecure environment, since many users would gain access to all websites controlled by one account.

2.Location Changes Affecting SEO

It’s no secret that changing website hosts can impact SEO. Your platform’s whereabouts play a crucial role in your digital presence, one of which is your SERPs positioning. The most recent changes in Google algorithms have changed the search engine’s focus towards IP addresses to identify relevance and location. Don’t just shift to a much cheaper website host. This will impact your search engine rankings, depending on the country you are in.

3.Allowing Costs to Cloud Your Judgment

Businesses that change website hosts are susceptible to losing customers and visitors. If you fail to thoroughly evaluate your choices, you would suffer in lower website traffic. Remember, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Never let pricing become a major influencing factor. Read website hosting reviews in Malaysia. This can help you improve your judgement and decision when it comes choosing the right hosting provider.

4.Clicking Agree Without Reading All the Terms

Failure to read all the terms and conditions of the website host before singing up can result to problems later on. The chance for issues multiplies with free website hosts since they limit the resource usage through their own terms. It’s crucial to understand that many web hosting services are backed by very strict customer policies.

5.Slower Web Hosting With Slower Web Page Loading Speed

If your website takes much longer than three seconds to load, you would surely lose users. With website speed a primary productivity factor, the responsiveness of your pages can translate to huge business. A good website hosting package can make a big impact on web page load speed, as well as SEO performance.