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4 Things That Will Shape Up Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2018

4 Things That Will Shape Up Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2018
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The Development of Mobile Application in 2018

As app development frameworks get updated, so too the knowledge of app developers. Enterprise apps have become a thing, providing businesses with an avenue that will help them get closer to their clients.

There are so many emerging technologies that would make an already robust enterprise app even better. Below are just some of the things that could help shape up the industry in 2018 specifically in mobile app development.

1. Cloud Dominance

4 Things That Will Shape Up Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2018

Cloud services are nothing new. Although the majority of such services have become more secure, it is still best that you integrate more cloud services. In other words, cloud service diversification would be necessary.

There are a couple of reasons why app developers should do this. For one, no cloud service is ever secure, so in the event that one gets compromised, there are still other servers to fall back on.

Second, you can upload as many files as you want from across many different cloud services.

2. The Emergence of Blockchain in the Industry

Since the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency has become more apparent, blockchain technology is also becoming more and more popular.

This technology amplifies security measures. In fact, I am willing to bet that companies in the future would incorporate this technology into their company operations.

A brief explainer: blockchain technology has many applications. One of the most common is the fact that it can provide amazing security when you transact something over. For instance, if you want to trade your bitcoins to another user, the only people who are going to know about the transaction are you and the buyer.

2018 is going to be the year for massive rollouts so expect to see this technology being implemented in most mobile apps in the future.

3. Prevalence of PaaS Platforms

Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS is going to be the future of app development. Enterprises can leverage multiple PaaS systems by using what Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple has given to the app developers.

Aside from providing amazing tools and frameworks, PaaS also makes use of cloud technology so developers can easily upload their code safely to the cloud.

4. The Use and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Big Data in Enterprise Apps

The realm of artificial intelligence is ever-expanding and some of its technologies are already being introduced to app developers. One of the most popular ones is machine learning which helps personalize the user’s experience by providing them with suggestions and solutions based on their behavior while using the app.

4 Things That Will Shape Up Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2018Chatbots are also part of AI and it helps enterprises do certain mundane tasks so that their current employees can work on another project, for example.

“Big Data” has also been incorporated in app development as well. It provides greater complexity, making them appealing to use in creating mobile applications.

Lastly, the Internet of Things is going to be more popular in the foreseeable future as more and more smart devices are being released to the public.